BAY15D Bayonet Replacement LED Bulb for Navigation Lights

Replacment 18 SMD Led navigation bulb to fit Aquasignal (Sealine OEM), Hella and Perko. For use with port, starboard, stern or steaming - please choose from drop down.



Very bright BAY15D LED replacement bulb for use in navigation light fittings



Replacement High Output BAY15D Lamps for Navigation Lighting 

This high output 266 Lumen lamp is suitable for use in most navigation light fittings that use traditional incandescent bulbs.
These lamps are designed to minimise EMI, unlike other similar looking lamps sold for non marine use. We utilise specially designed PCB layouts which avoid tracks acting as antenna that radiate EMI (electromagnetic interference).
In cool white this LED lamp can be used for stern, steaming and mast head anchor light elements of tri colour lights for boats up to 20 metres. Do not use cool white lamps behind separate red or green lens or combined bi colour lights as the output colours will not be correct.
In warm white it is suitable to use behind the bi-colour red and green combined lenses for boats up to 12 metres. For boats up to 20 metres use our bi & tri-colour lamps.
For the brightest light output use BAY15D green lamps behind separate green lenses and BAY15D red lamps behind separate red lenses.
This bulb has our on-board PWM Buck-Boost electronic control circuit which combine with 18 high output SMD LEDs to give consistent light output and a very long service life.
For larger vessels and for owners who wish to be seen over much greater distance see our very high output lamps.


These lamps are not polarity concious as they are fitted with a diode bridge rectifier and can therefore be connected either way without damage.

Offset Pins


  • Voltage: 10-30V DC
  • Input Power: 3.2W
  • Input Current: 266mA @ 12v
  • Lumen Output: 266 Lm (CW), 231 Lm (WW)
  • Dimensions: 36mm x 23mm dia + pins
  • Colour Temperature: 3200K WW, 6000K CW 
  • Beam Angle: 360 deg


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