Mente Attitude Correction System flybridge control panel


This is the extra panel needed for flybridge vessels when fitting the 
 Correction System
The all new ACS

How to make boats easier to use? How to get people out onto the water? Mente Marine can make a difference.   

We were the first in the world to create an electronic trim system based on "mems" sensors that measure the movements of the boat. It was released in 2002, followed by product refinements over the years.

Now, it has reached perfection. More precise measurements, faster control of the boat and a beautifully designed laser cut aluminimum frame. The dream has been to get everything into the control panel. No cables, no boxes, no extra wires to connect. Just put in an automatic control panel instead of the traditional four buttons.

It is smart! It senses your moves. Are you speeding up or slowing down? Driving straight or turning? Are you tying up or going out or even, perhaps, on a trailer? It will wake up when needed and go to sleep when needed. When on the plane, the ACS will keep your boat in proper trim without any guesswork from your side.

Automatic trim tab control, and power trim control, in one unit!

Improve performance

Improve performance, safety, fuel efficiency and ride comfort with the ACS Attitude Correction System from Mente Marine. The boat's trim or angle of running depends on speed and load. Listing or leaning to one side or the other depends on wind, passengers and unevenly distributed cargo.

ACS automatically corrects !
Take advantage of the latest technologies in electronics. Built-in sensors detect roll, pitch and yaw (heading) with superior accuracy and no moving parts. Advanced programs adapt to the behavior of the boat making the system applicable over the whole range from small walkarounds to luxury performance yachts. For the first time, automatic trimming is made possible for all kinds of trim tabs, hydraulic and electromechanical.

For more information or installation instructions please e tin contact

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THe all new Mente Attit..
The all new ACS How to make boats easier to use? How to get people out onto the water? Mente Marine can...
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